Hill School Girls Investigate: A Coven Full of Secrets

(In this, our totally unauthorised spin-off from the delightful Hill School Girls series, which you have doubtless read, a group of plucky students of the Hill School investigate the latest mysterious event in that institution)

A Coven? Or is it, as a witty backbencher commented, perhaps ‘AC Oven’? Who is the mysterious chronicler of the adventures of the Fabulous Four: Ayesha, Maitreyi, Elizabeth and Mahrukh? Who has such intimate details about their lives, their minds, their friends and the wondrous world they inhabit?

Theories more intricate than Japanese puzzle boxes abound. Clues are examined in an interview of A Coven by noted writer Devika Rangachari. Is the writer a Mallu, or a Pashtun, or both? Which was the ‘odd school’ she went to? Is there actually a surviving copy of a ten-line composition she made in Class II? If only the investigators could get their hands on the priceless document!

The school’s designated find-outers, Tanu, Arundhati and Sandhya, are in hot pursuit. Personal messages, classified and encrypted, buzz like busy bees on cyberspace. A highly-placed informer code-named ‘Sam’ has some devastating clues to add to the mix. The game is afoot! The list of suspects grows ever shorter.

Where will this adventure lead? Read on to find out in the first of the Hill School Girls Investigate series!

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